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Healing Or Repressing?

Ostracizing a man merely hardens him. Racism is borne out of an ignorance of the true nature of all beings. Of course, community as a whole needs to take a stand - and make a statement - that racial hatred is not an acceptable mode of thinking or being in American civil society. Now that we've all had a field day declaring our embrace of racial tolerance and harmony, and the NBA has excommunicated Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league for his hurtful and racist remarks, I find myself pausing and wondering what this "healing process" is all about. We collectively have one task - to increase the sum total of loving-kindness in the world by reducing the hatred that one man holds in his heart. Does the current spate of grandstanding achieve any of this? It seems a little ironic that many of the same folks who believe convicted felons should be rehabilitated rather than locked up for life should be applauding with glee the punishment meted out to this man. I don't care for racial politics or rich people with their trophy sports teams. But I do hope that somewhere in Sterling's personal circle, someone would extend to him the gifts of friendship, compassion and love. Somehow, I don't think healing can happen without forgiveness.  

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